It’s a personal thing

We are a boutique design studio based in Malta, established in 2007, focused on brand communication. We build relationships with our clients and help them maintain their brand’s visual presence through print, web & interior design as well as illustration and photography. We keep our team intentionally small, as we love giving individual attention to each of our customers, helping them all the way from conception to execution. We love working with people who have a vision for their brand. We hear your business goals, aspirations and how you want your audience to perceive your brand and create design that not only helps you connect to your audience but also make them fall in love with your brand.

A passion for brands and design

Panda is made up of brothers Miguel & Andrew Cachia, we’ve been drawing, doodling and designing stuff since we were kids. Nowadays we’re lucky to practice what we love professionally and you’ll find us in our studio working on creative stuff for our clients.

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